In Blockboard panels, the center layer or core is made from strips of softwood or other often lightweight wood species. The strips are put edge to edge (Edge glued) between veneers of softwood, hardwood, particleboard or MDF, then pressed under high pressure and heat with glue. The board can either be made up of 3 or 5 layers.

Europe is the biggest producer of Softwood core blockboard (spruce) – with density around 450 Kg/m3. While Indonesia is the leader in the production of Albizia Falcata core blockboards-falcata being a commonly found local Indonesian specie desirable for its lightweight and stability.

Working Properties

While blockboards are generally lighter and less durable than plywoods, they have moderate strength and load bearing characteristics especially when compared to particleboard and MDF.

Blockboards also score moderately with bending and do not easily experience bending if the core has been properly dried and then laminated.

They are appreciated by carpenters for ease of use when using traditional wood working tools and also take finishes and paint well as they come in a range of different surface finishes. Blockboards also fare moderately with sound insulation.