Projects & Testimonials


Over the years, our list of projects served has come to include a multitude of specialties from infrastructure, hospitals, airports and mega multi-purpose projects, to name a few. We owe our wealth of technical knowledge pertaining to the specific projects needs to our partners we enjoyed serving.

We take pride in referencing some industry leaders’ projects whom have provided testimonials.

IKEA – Amman, Jordan

“Home Pillars staff made the process of nominating the right panels and softwood sizes and grades for the project very smooth. The materials were available in stock throughout the project which really also made our lives easier”.

Mohammad Salah, Project Manager.

Arab Tower Contracting Co.

Queen Alia International Airport – Jordan

Home Pillars’ sales staff are professional, responsive, and service oriented. Our project managers and procurement staff also had plenty of choice for the project’s differing wood-panels and lumber needs which was certainly a big plus.

Shadi Habash, Project Manager/Partner.

Habash and Deir Contracting Co.

Water Lagoon, Ayla Oasis – Aqaba, Jordan

The complex requirements of this massive water lagoon was executed with the support of Home Pillars’ experienced sales engineers who helped nominate the right plywood specification for the different parts of the projects in collaboration with the engineering and design consultants.

Darwish Bseiso, Project Manager/Partner.

Darwish Bseiso Engineering Co.

W Hotel – Amman, Jordan

Home Pillars’ network of retail and wholesale warehouses facilitated a seamless flow of materials to our team and the different sub-contractors. Additionally, they provided exceptional service quality from challenging deliveries to the congested downtown location to the general technical support the sales staff were able to provide about the different panels and lumber options.

Ahmad Yousef, Project Manager.

Dubai Contacting Co.

Kempinski Burj Rafal, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our preferred supplier of choice is Home Pillars due to the extensive range of items that from decorative panels to specialty panels and rough lumber, all of which we need for most projects we deliver

Haifa Abu Nemeh. Senior Procurement Officer

Integrated Wood Industries


The range of thicknesses, grades and specifications of plywood, OSB and softwood lumber that is always in stock in several retail locations they operate has been key in making them our preferred supplier.

Iyad Khatib.Procurement Manager

UPS – Jordan