Spruce is key specie from the coniferous and evergreen softwood species, with about 35 officially recognized Spruce species. Spruce is very similar to Pine trees in appearance with the cones and needles, as well in rough sawn lumber, while having a more white-yellowish color compared to Pine’s more reddish color. Spruce will tend to have fewer and smaller knots than pine.

Common species in North America include Black Spruce, Engelmann spruce, Norway spruce, Sitka spruce and Red spruce. Picea abies (Norway spruce) is the most common specie spread across Europe and Eurasia. This list is not exhaustive and summarizes some of the most common and available spruce species for export.

Working properties

Spruce is very good with both hand and machine tools, and is dimensionally very stable and has excellent strength to weight ratio.

It does not paint or finish very well, with Pine being superior in that regard.

 Rot Resistance

It has moderate resistance to decay with the possibility for considerable improvement with chemical preservatives.