High pressure laminates are made of resin impregnated cellulose where the layer which are combined under heat and high pressure. The kraft paper makes up the core of the material – the substrate. Then there is the overlay paper which gives this material anti-abrasive and scratch properties. And the decorative paper is what gives the laminate the design. HPL is available in an extensive range of finishes and textures. It is the top choice for Decorative laminate if the budget allow and is significantly more durable as a surface when compared more economical alternatives such as Melamine faced.

Working properties

Hpl should be handled with care, and is more costly and time consuming in order to achieve the finished panel or component compared to other semi finished decorative panels such as melamine faced particleboard. However it is easy to work with and extremely durable, resistant to scratches, abrasion, high impact, heat and chemicals.