Commonly referred to as Dahoma too, is widely found in Central East Africa. this specie is accepted as an alternative to some species such as Iroko mainly due to it’s more attractive price point and is often undifferentiable to the untrained eye. Dabema’s heartwood is light golden brown with the sapwood tending to more greyish red. The interlocked grain gives a certain luster especially after finishing. 

Working properties

One of the trickiest species for woodworkers, the sawdust alongside the distingly strong smell of Dabema can cause severe issues for those working directly with it.

The interlocked grain can cause a blunting effect on cutting tools and tends to warp over time even if dried well. Therefore ripping the material is highly unadvisable and will cause twisting and warping. It glues, paints and finishes moderately. It screws well with possible splitting at edges.


Rot Resistance

 It is rated from moderate to good in termite and insect attack.